Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 27/366

Today's outfit is an IG support pick and inspired by Boho Rho. I love how she is constantly changing up her hair color. I wish I could do that but I'm a lazy naturalista and would end up with major breakage. I've been seeing the jacket she is wearing around and racked my brain to find out what this style is called. Finally found out its called a cape blazer. The fashion industry is so clever...Once I saw this on her page I knew I wanted to illustrate it. I went with a shorter cut for the blazer. I played around with colors for this character. At first I had the skirt as a tan color and it worked but I want the piece to stay somewhat consistent with the inspiration's color scheme. And that's also what I've done with the other illustrations for this theme. The character is fancy and cute. I'm also loving her bold pink hair color. I made her color floral like Boho Rho. Honestly I wish I had this characters shows in every imaginable color...i love flats.


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