Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 24/366

Again I would like to thank one of my IG supporters for suggesting Shirley Eniang for the outfit inspiration. As soon as I saw this all white outfit I was like jumpsuit. I think that idea also came from the Penny Proud illustration I did. For this fashion illustration like I said I wanted to do a jumpsuit plus incorporate the gold belt. I added some gold spikes on the shoulders.  Got some open toed nude pumps on which reminds me I need to schedule a pedicure session asap.  I'm really loving her mauve clutch. The checkered pattern makes it look extra fancy huh. Below is also a version with a jacket hanging on her wrist but I'm just not diggin' it.

I''m really liking these fashion illustrations and might start incorporating celebrity looks...idk yet it's up in the air. 


With jacket...yes or no?

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