Monday, July 28, 2014

What's Happening with Adorkable Affiliation!?

Focus = Sacrifice 

1 Hello!

 My name is Tawana and I run Adorkable Affiliation. I live in Virginia and I do graphics on the side(currently closed for commissions) The majority of my illustrations consist of curly hair girls with glasses...because I'm a curly chick with glasses. You'll see some natural hair memes, funny memes, quotes, curls club, OOTD(outfit of the day), amateur-ish animation/gifs, Adventures of Princess P and little bit of fan art.

2 Thank You  

I want to shoutout my QA(quality assurance) Team! THANK YOU! Without them Adorkable Affiliation would not be complete. My team critiques my work, which is a big help. And of course thank you to those who love/like my work, share or repost it! ALL you are AWESOME!

3 T-shirts

I'm finally ready to start working on tshirt designs. I know many of you have been asking for them! This week I plan to post 3 verisons of a design to get your suggestions on. Man I have sooooo many ideas. Like my work will not look like what you have seen out there. I will say my designs are "curly haired" based not necessarily "natural haired" based. I want to create designs that curly haired folk can relate to no matter their race. So be on the look out this week for my first design so you can vote on it!

4 Curls Club

The concept behind Curls Club is to be a mixture between Girlfriends, Babysitters Club and Sex and the City. It's a creation of my own characters. Eight young ladies from different facets of life. Me and my team are currently working on 2 of the characters' profiles aka history. I still have 4 more characters to display. I want to do animations with these characters to post on my Youtube channel. http://bit.ly/1oD1NIy In time ya'll shall see :)

5 Princess P

The Adventures of Princess P the Pug is based of my sassy, vivacious pug puppy Penelope. She's crazy but loving lol. This little character is going places and there's so much I can do with it. Penelope the pug was a character before I even got an actual dog. But as I've progressed with my artwork I now have the illustration the way I want. I make gifs(animated pics) of her: http://bit.ly/1rLKwzk

6 Natural Hair Memes

So I'm a natural haired lady...aka African American aka Black American woman who wears their hair in its natural curly state. I love making these memes of the situations me and my friends have gone through. Their funny. Now occasionally you'll see me stop making them because I get all up in my feelings when I see my work reposted, badly cropped, with ugly ass filters and none of it is credited back to me. Yeah yeah I'm sensitive about MY work...as I should be hhhmph. But I have a ton of ideas in this big head of mine and I will share them with you because I love drawing. Its my passion and my get-a-away :)

7 Youtube/Gifs

So I want to start youtubing again. The thing is its a hassle to record my drawing as I'm a cheapo that use a screenshot software that can only record up to 15 mins at a time then I have to download then save that 15 mins . Then delete to start another 15 mind you I'm probably going to grab about 8-15 of these depending on how long I take to create something....which can take DAYS. I also want to make more gifs(quick little animations) Im really into it right so I gotta keep the momentum up and learn as much as I can. I post my here, sometimes instagram and tumblr.

8 OOTD (outfit of the day)

Okay I started OOTD because I had become a fan of this one outfit Facebook page and was like I should create characters and recreate these looks through my own interpretation. So I'm inspired by the outfit choice and make it my own. These have been very fun and are coming back. I create plus size characters because well I'm plus size and just like you rarely see curly haired themed art (but creation of that art is on the rise) I wanted there to be characters the majority can relate to. So sometime this week I'll be posting the next one, it's a casual look.

9 Coloring Pages

So I want to TRY to create some coloring pages...if you know me I dont draw kids and have rarely drawn men. I want to work on both of these weaknesses. My team is helping me write the story line for the coloring pages. Once that is done I will be the illustrations. Plan to make a 10 page printout :)

10 Closed for commissions

So yea...I'm still closed for commissions. Reason...see #1-9. I'm very appreciative of those who want to work with me but at this time I am working on personal projects which doesn't leave me time to focus on commissions. And please keep in mind I have a full-time job as well. Sorry. And I do not know when I'll be open again. When I do, make sure you are a Facebook fan because that's where I'll post it.


Monday, July 21, 2014

I was featured on Mahogany Curls

Whoo hoo so excited that I was featured on Mahogany Curls.


Check it out→ http://bit.ly/1zZvfgC

Saturday, July 19, 2014